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PAR is a contemporary sock brand that was born out of collaboration between a pair of friends. When translated to English PAR means PAIR. Pair of feet, a pair of socks, a pair of friends and this led us to Theory of Two as everything is better in two.

Produced locally, in controlled conditions, our socks are made from soft cotton blend with an emphasis on comfort and functionality. Our product development starts with research, people and their differences, things that inspire us and from there we think how to apply that inspiration to a sock. In design process, we think about people, who would wear it, how would they style it and this gives us a perspective before we make a sample.

We established PAR with an aim to make high quality socks for men and women with focus on design, as we believe quality and design are mutually inclusive. Through our patterns and colours we spread the creativity and design thinking that takes place behind our brand.



At PAR, we believe that our brand is much more than designing and creating a product. We critically examine everything we do, from materials, packaging and our collaborators as to ensure that our activities are in line with our brand values. That is why we partnered up with LiceUlice magazine, a non profit magazine that employs underprivileged people, to use their leftover magazine paper for our packaging. We encourage our customers to read one of their stories when they unwrap their socks and by doing so the magazine and their stories get another life.


While we were researching what goes on with socks in the world, who has plenty of them and who struggles during winter time, we realised there is a large number of unprivileged people who need socks. Socks are generally not donated by the public and we wanted to change that. We established a total social impact mechanism – for every two purchased pair of socks, we donate one pair to an organisation that distributes socks to the ones in need.

Our first #PARNADAR campaign was implemented with NORBS – National Organisation for Rare Diseases Serbia. We have collected around 100 pair of socks during the holiday season and the socks were donated to the Center for Youth Integration.